Monday, April 23rd, 2012

[personal profile] viesti 11:12p
At some point, I'd lost the patience and attention span for blogging my life, thoughts, and feelings.

At some point subsequent to that, I'd realized that I'd lost that.

My blogs go back. Waaay back. Back to times and places, joys and trials I so rarely think about. Given that my emotions (and to some extent, self-identity) is rather fluid, this becomes a valuable tool from time to time for allowing me to reconnect more vividly with my past.

Which is why it sucks that I haven't blogged my life for nearly the past year and a half. Well sure, there's Facebook. Good luck getting Timeline to actually cooperate with you though. Or Twitter. Perfect for the cute and funny, and for capturing specifics of what I did and when, not so much for the finer points of parsing out my feelings after the fact.

So here I am. And here I will be.

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