Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

[personal profile] viesti 12:53p - and back (again)
Another month in a blur.

My energy seems to be largely back in the right place. I definitely wasn't in any condition physically or emotionally to head off for a weeklong visit with my family only a few days after returning from Burning Man, even if it had been over a year since I'd seen them. But it had done a number on my mental state.

So... Take Two. Earthdance was only a week after returning from Oregon. Pretty expensive compared to the other festivals I'd been at, I probably wouldn't have gone at all if I hadn't already purchased my ticket months before. I'm very much glad I went though, for I was able to regain a lot of the energy and spirit I'd felt at Burning Man which got messed up in the ensuing weeks. It was a great festival with awesome music, but there were also a large number of assholes there as well. Some guy (we're not sure if he was on coke or meth at the time or just drunk) actually heckled the campfire gathering. There was lots more litter on the ground (mostly beer cans and bottles) than I recall from last year. It was as if there were two separate festivals going on at the same time: one for the people actually wanting peace and wanting to make things better for the next generation and wanting to grow closer as a people. And one for people just looking for yet another rave or party who didn't care what kind of footprint or trash they left behind.

I'm back now. Rather thankfully, since I'm more than a bit weary. I can trace the path I've been on back to last year's Burning Man and Earthdance. Much has happened in the past year, and I'd like to think I've grown a lot and learned a few things. I've seen the creative and ecstatic spirit of humanity and reveled in it. And yes, I've partied the night (or weekend) away like crazy. I've spent more time away from home than I have living in it. I'm starting to feel the toll it can take: there came a point at Burning Man, Friday I think, where I actually wished I were at home in bed rather than being sandblasted by yet another duststorm. And this past weekend at Earthdance was hotter during the day and colder at night than even Burning Man, such that we packed up and left early Sunday as the heat was more than we were ready to handle.

I think I might take it easier for a while.

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