Monday, September 7th, 2009

[personal profile] viesti 8:01p - Burning Man
Burning Man was FILLED WITH AWESOME AND WIN this year. I was joined by several first-time burners including my beloved [ profile] paradox_puree, so it was almost a re-virginized experience for myself too. I ran into so many people who recognized me from the Bay Area, from [ profile] aestetix to someone who climbs at Planet Granite, and someone who had participated in one of the protests I went to last year!

Paradox and I were wandering the playa one night when we came across a set of glowing eggs, small and easy to miss except from up close. At the same time we found it, a group of young shamen wandered up and performed a beatiful ritual right then and there, welcoming us to witness this as it was a special moment in their spiritual journeys. I don't believe this was any mere accident or coincidence; as a faerie who's been wandering a magickal and psychedelic path for some time, I was only too happy to offer my own blessings and energy as they embarked on a night of memorable bliss. At that moment I realized that I'd strayed a bit from my own purpose for I had been looking down on humanity and trying to distance myself from them, and made a decision to try working more participatory energy and magic for a while instead.

Opulent Temple (one of the main music camps at Burning Man) had an unbelievable lineup including Armin van Buuren AND Infected Mushroom in person the same night! As much as I enjoy their music normally, experiencing it in a desert in the middle of nowhere with an amazing sound system, surrounded by thousands of Burners including several close friends and lovers, and rolling at the same time was incredible.

I had my gripes, too; there are more and more tourists and fratboys and dicks each year, the kind who come and consume without participating and throw their litter everywhere without regard to the environment. It was also gruelingly windy this year, with several white-outs and sandstorms lasting well into the night. I actually had a bit of a breakdown Friday night from the stinging sand and wind chill. I love Burning Man, and in describing my experiences over the past few years I've glossed over the rough and tough and ugly parts of it. It's a week in the desert where sand gets in my clothes and my tent and my cooch. There's bound to be drama too.

But I love Burning Man. It's a place where people give so freely of themselves. Where I can give back in return. Where people build and create participatory, interactive art. Much of my inspiration over the past few years has come from the art, people, and places that make up Burning Man.

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